Additional Card Offers

Digital business cards with additional functionality.

On-Card Booking & Call Scheduling

Lets prospects & clients book appointments on your digital business or web-page.

Also, accept deposits or full payment prior to appointments.

App Version W/ Weblink

Create and Integrate Custom Fill-In Forms

Every card includes a contact form, with this add-on create additional custom forms.

App Version W/ Weblink

Send Push-Notification Messages

Send messages to your subscribers smartphones, or PCs via our cloud based messaging dashboard.

App Version W/ Weblink

Digital Business Card Lead Bundle

(1) Digital Business Card Plus All Add-ons including...

On-Card & Webpage Booking Calendar

Create Custom Forms

Push-Notification Messaging

Internet Marketing Page / (Web-site)

Your Own Progressive Mobile App

Find new clients and allow them to easily self-book meetings, calls or consultations all right on your digital business card.

With our EZ Setup Questionnaire you can have your own custom digital business card and Internet marketing page live in just a few hours from now.

App Version W/ Weblink

Each of the offers above include a digital business card, plus an a marketing web-page to generate even more leads from the internet. Your digital business card can be kept private with only your card holders. Or, by logging into your account dashboard you can enable a software toggle switch to let search engines like Google know whether or now you want to be included in their search index.

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Digital Business Card

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